Monthly Archives: May 2010

♪ Tracey Thorn - Love And Its Opposite ♫

EBTG singer returns to her singer-songwriter acoustic roots after a long detour into electronica (that started with her stunning guest spot with Massive Attack). Lovely to hear her singing again, where her voice is the centre more than the beats, and this time pondering the ravages of middle age. Reflections on divorce, singles bars, and even menopause - not subjects commonly heard, but a welcome change from the JT brigade (even if he does indeed bring sexy back).

New vs New vs Old media reporting

Mashable post examining what Blogs vs Twitter vs YouTube vs traditional media report as newsworthy:

Because bloggers are so largely dependent on the mainstream media for their information - more than 99% of the stories cited in blogs linked to the websites of traditional news outlets - it will be interesting to see what will happen once major sources like The New York Times and The Times go behind paywalls.

“We thought of ourselves as musical reporters, reporting the good news in devolution”

Mark Mothersbaugh talks about the fascinating history of Devo:

“Richard Branson had signed the Sex Pistols, who we thought was the most interesting pop band out at the time, and we met him. We got along, in a way, to the point where at one point, in kind of a foolish move on Branson’s part, he flew a couple of us to Jamaica to let us know he was with Johnny Rotten and Johnny Rotten wanted to join Devo. And we were like ‘Well we really like him but, ya know can we help out some other way, we don’t want him in our band. He needs his own band, he needs a corporate image of his own.’ Then the next thing he did was Public Image Limited”.