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The Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. on The Avengers at Comic Con:

“Anybody see Inception?” Downey asked. “I think that was probably just about the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen. And then I thought, Wait a goddamn second. Marvel Studios is going to take all of their top superheroes and they’re gonna put them all together in The Avengers? That’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen.”

The big reveal was Mark Ruffalo inheriting Hulk - 3rd time lucky, after Bana & Norton? Also, Thor is sounding promising.

Tour de Math

After the penultimate stage last night, Contador is 39 seconds ahead of Schleck. Which is exactly how many seconds Contador gained on Schleck after the infamous chain-drop of Stage 15. Which means, according to my very poor maths, that if it weren’t for the chain they would be on exactly the same time. Now that would have been something - a race for the maillot jaune on the final stage into Paris. Damn.

TDF Stage 17

2010-tdf-1 2010-tdf-2 2010-tdf-3 2010-tdf-4

One of the most amazing sporting sequences I’ve ever seen. Schleck & Contador perfectly matched, climbing a mountain through cloud, shoulder to shoulder, neither able to snap the cord that held them together, like Lyra and her dæmon. Staggering, the bond between them after that experience is hard to fathom. Hats off.

(photos from The Guardian)

The resurgence of prog rock

The resurgence of prog rock. Absurd time signatures & single-track albums return:

Even so, it’s hard to see how OK Computer’s multi-platinum success can have done the prog scene anything but good by reawakening a public interest in long, episodic songs, retooling the gloomy mein of Dark Side of the Moon for a new decade. Around the same time, metal - traditionally progressive rock’s best mate, with its emphasis on musicianship, partiality for excess and inability to resist a bit of lyrical sword and sorcery - began to rekindle its friendship with prog in the aftermath of grunge.

I’ll have to dig out my PFM.


The Inception trailer was one of the first in a long time where at the end I thought “wha…?” And the film lives up to that - complicated, idea-driven, beautifully shot, and a stellar cast. Christopher Nolan’s 10 year old hot streak continues. Bring your thinking cap.