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E3 Gender and Combat breakdown

Feminist Frequency have a breakdown of the female representation in the games showcased at E3 2015: 7 exclusively female protagonists, 24 exclusively male, and 35 where you could choose. Which sounds like progress.

Also interesting is their analysis of how many games depend on violence & combat for their gameplay. Out of 76 games, only 18 were trying something different - and 8 of those were sports/driving.

Watching someone get on stage and boast how their game is all about “delivering full guns up combat control” (whatever that is) during the Sony press conference highlights just how reliant on guns games are.

Something like Unravel might be just the antidote - getting “a glimpse of what’s possible when games approach human experience through a lens of empathy rather than one of violence.”

All Hail The Internet Archive

Andy Baio celebrates The Internet Archive, and in particular the ever growing software emulation library:

The Internet Archive is a chaotic, beautiful mess. It’s not well-organized, and its tools for browsing and searching the wealth of material on there are still rudimentary, but getting better.

But this software emulation project feels, to me, like the kind of thing Google would have tried in 2003. Big, bold, technically challenging, and for the greater good.

This effort is the perfect articulation of what makes the Internet Archive great — with repercussions for the future we won’t fully appreciate for years.

Don’t miss the 2300 strong MS-DOS game library. Prince of Persia! Castle Wolfenstein!

Insert coin to continue

Steven Frank recalls mastering Dragon’s Lair:

Everyone who has seen Dragon’s Lair before has seen the beginning of the game. Dirk runs across the drawbridge, Dirk dodges the falling blocks, he swings across the fire ropes, and he drops on the falling disc platform. Far fewer have seen the scenes in the middle of the game. Fewer still have ever seen how it ends.

I remember it well. So much money, so little reward. Pleased to hear of someone who beat the confounded thing, even if it meant buying a cabinet to do so.

Statistical nightmare

Resilience scaling has been modified for linear returns, as opposed to increasing returns. Under the new formula, going from 30 resilience to 40 resilience gives players the same increase to survivability as going from 0 to 10. Resilience now scales in the same way armor and magic resistances do. A player with 32.5% damage reduction from resilience in 4.0.6 should see their damage reduction unchanged in 4.1. Those with less than 32.5% will gain slightly. Those with more will lose some damage reduction, increasingly so as their resilience climbs.

Everything that is wrong about MMOs in a single patch note.

Pristine arcade gaming

Reviving the arcade:

Even more astounding is the fact that they’re all available for public play. When I ask her if she’s concerned about having her cabinets (of which a substantial amount are from her own collection) out on the floor, St. John doesn’t bat an eye. “It’s what they’re made for.”

MAME ftw

How game developers use MAME, despite publishers believing it is the root of all evil:

When we looked closer into this we discovered that the “port” team had actually written an emulator for that console (based on MAME btw) and simply used it to run a hacked version of the original ROM image which they’d downloaded from a warez site.