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Superbowl XLIX

Bill Simmons covers the insanity that was the last few minutes of Superbowl XLIX, a column made all the better by Simmons’ rabid New England fandom:

And then everything went numb.

For like three minutes.

Couldn’t react. Couldn’t feel anything.

People were yelling in disbelief all around me … I couldn’t move. They showed the replay. The football bounced off Kearse’s hands, Ryan’s hands and back up into the air. As Kearse fell on his back and tried to find the ball, safety Duron Harmon jumped over his head. Naturally, the football plopped back down off Kearse’s left leg and then his right leg, buying him time to tip it with his right hand, then it fell into his hands as he remained on his back. Also, he gave birth to a nine-pound baby just because everything else wasn’t unbelievable enough.

Hopefully the fan-cam sideline video linked in the article is still up on YouTube. I watched it about 15 times - the pre-snap movement, the pause, the speed after the snap, the uncontrollable joy from the NE players when they realised what happened, and the massive roar of the crowd. Who said the Superbowl was boring due to non partisan crowds?

Men’s programming

One Sports to abandon, um, sports? Bugger:

Among the key changes announced was a refocusing of Ten’s multichannel, One HD. It will no longer focus exclusively on sport, but will instead become a sport-entertainment-documentary proposition focused on the male audience aged 25-54, not unlike Seven’s multichannel 7Mate.

Just what we need, more pap. I blame the Ice Road Truckers fans. There goes the free NBA, NFL, and MLB. And it seems the dire rumours about the Packer buy-in to Network Ten were correct: get in, shut down the sport on One, which drives people to pay via Foxtel. Evil.

Baseball boss fight

Why baseball is for gamers:

Baseball is a 9-stage boss battle, and the pitcher is the boss. To defeat him, you must hit him repeatedly or gradually wear him down. He has strengths and weaknesses you must identify and exploit. If you can successfully guess what he’s about to cast, you can use it against him and deal damage. Near the end of the game, he may be replaced by an even stronger boss with a higher ATT, but much lower HP.

NFL Greed

Bill Simmons tackles the owner’s perspective in the NFL labor negotiations. The ever escalating money machine seems similar to what is argued here by Felt Tip’s Lucius Kwok:

The idea behind the Slow Company movement is that instead of trying to be the first or to get the most mindshare or market share of any company in your vertical, you try to make something that people genuinely find useful and are willing to pay for it. And instead of trying to woo celebrities and plastering your name all over SXSW, you make something that people like so much that they tell their friends, and it spreads by word of mouth based on how well made it is and how awesomely it solves problems that people have - real problems, not ones that marketers make up.

(via Neven Mrgan)